Tyke Petroleum York Men's Tennis League

Division 8

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League table

Harrogate Spa 21275853864162830102
David Lloyd York 41270559158104025½88½
Strensall 2127165805615372184½
New Earswick1256673037125950½
Dunnington 212514782311364643½
Bishopthorpe 212516780191772936½


Fixtures & results

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DateHome teamResultAway teamGame
29 AprilBishopthorpe 2½11½Harrogate Spa 23078View
29 AprilDavid Lloyd York 4Dunnington 25454View
6 MayNew EarswickStrensall 24365View
13 MayBishopthorpe 284New Earswick5652View
13 MayDunnington 2Strensall 24563View
13 MayHarrogate Spa 284Wheldrake5652View
20 MayDunnington 2Bishopthorpe 24167View
20 MayNew EarswickWheldrake4761View
20 MayStrensall 293David Lloyd York 46642View
3 JuneHarrogate Spa 239David Lloyd York 44662View
3 JuneNew Earswick75Dunnington 25454View
10 JuneDavid Lloyd York 4111Bishopthorpe 27830View
10 JuneNew Earswick210Harrogate Spa 22781View
10 JuneWheldrakeDunnington 26840View
17 JuneDunnington 2210Harrogate Spa 23474View
17 JuneStrensall 211½½Bishopthorpe 27632View
17 JuneWheldrakeDavid Lloyd York 45751View
24 JuneBishopthorpe 2½11½Wheldrake3573View
24 JuneDavid Lloyd York 4102New Earswick7929View
24 JuneHarrogate Spa 2102Strensall 26939View
1 JulyDunnington 2David Lloyd York 44860View
1 JulyHarrogate Spa 293Bishopthorpe 26543View
1 JulyWheldrake93Strensall 26840View
8 JulyNew EarswickBishopthorpe 25157View
8 JulyStrensall 2111Dunnington 28919View
15 JulyBishopthorpe 239Dunnington 25058View
15 JulyDavid Lloyd York 4Strensall 25751View
15 JulyWheldrake111New Earswick7335View
22 JulyDavid Lloyd York 4111Harrogate Spa 24068View
22 JulyDunnington 2New Earswick3870View
5 AugustStrensall 239Wheldrake4563View
19 AugustBishopthorpe 2210David Lloyd York 44365View
19 AugustDunnington 2Wheldrake3870View
19 AugustHarrogate Spa 248New Earswick4563View
2 SeptemberBishopthorpe 2½11½Strensall 23771View
2 SeptemberDavid Lloyd York 4Wheldrake5751View
2 SeptemberHarrogate Spa 2102Dunnington 26345View
9 SeptemberNew Earswick39David Lloyd York 44860View
9 SeptemberStrensall 2Harrogate Spa 25058View
9 SeptemberWheldrake10½Bishopthorpe 27236View
16 SeptemberStrensall 2New Earswick6147View
16 SeptemberWheldrake57Harrogate Spa 25355View

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