Tyke Petroleum York Men's Tennis League

Division 6

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League table

David Lloyd York 31482568763194434½107
Boston Spa 21481969360184825½94½
Bishopthorpe 1147507625813552185½
Wilberfoss 21475875453175619½81
Sutton Upon Derwent 2147337795119561878½
Poppleton 3146778354318651264


Fixtures & results

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DateHome teamResultAway teamGame
29 AprilBoston Spa 2Bishopthorpe 16345View
29 AprilPocklington48Poppleton 35058View
29 AprilWilberfoss 2David Lloyd York 34365View
13 MayDavid Lloyd York 384Pocklington5652View
13 MaySelby48Wilberfoss 25058View
13 MaySutton Upon Derwent 2Boston Spa 24860View
20 MayBishopthorpe 1Sutton Upon Derwent 25553View
20 MayDavid Lloyd York 3120Boston Spa 27038View
20 MayPocklingtonSelby4365View
20 MayWilberfoss 293Poppleton 36642View
3 JuneDavid Lloyd York 366Bishopthorpe 15454View
3 JunePocklingtonWilberfoss 25454View
3 JunePoppleton 348Sutton Upon Derwent 25256View
3 JuneSelbyBoston Spa 26345View
10 JuneBishopthorpe 1102Pocklington6840View
10 JuneBoston Spa 210½Wilberfoss 27632View
10 JunePoppleton 393Selby6444View
10 JuneSutton Upon Derwent 2David Lloyd York 34365View
17 JuneBishopthorpe 1210Selby3672View
17 JuneDavid Lloyd York 3Poppleton 36246View
17 JunePocklington210Boston Spa 23573View
17 JuneWilberfoss 284Sutton Upon Derwent 25553View
24 JuneBoston Spa 293Poppleton 36741View
24 JuneSelby48David Lloyd York 34959View
24 JuneSutton Upon Derwent 211½½Pocklington7929View
24 JuneWilberfoss 2Bishopthorpe 14563View
1 JulyBishopthorpe 1210Boston Spa 23870View
1 JulyDavid Lloyd York 3210Wilberfoss 23672View
1 JulySelbySutton Upon Derwent 25355View
8 JulyBishopthorpe 1102Poppleton 36642View
8 JulyBoston Spa 2102Sutton Upon Derwent 27137View
8 JulyPocklington210David Lloyd York 34563View
8 JulyWilberfoss 2111Selby7929View
15 JulyBoston Spa 2David Lloyd York 34464View
15 JulyPoppleton 3Wilberfoss 26543View
15 JulySelby102Pocklington6741View
15 JulySutton Upon Derwent 284Bishopthorpe 15652View
22 JulyBishopthorpe 1David Lloyd York 34860View
22 JulySutton Upon Derwent 293Poppleton 36246View
22 JulyWilberfoss 2210Pocklington4365View
5 AugustPoppleton 348Pocklington5058View
12 AugustBoston Spa 248Selby5157View
19 AugustDavid Lloyd York 3Sutton Upon Derwent 26939View
19 AugustPocklingtonBishopthorpe 16345View
19 AugustSelby111Poppleton 37929View
19 AugustWilberfoss 2Boston Spa 24959View
26 AugustPoppleton 3Bishopthorpe 14167View
2 SeptemberBoston Spa 266Pocklington5454View
2 SeptemberPoppleton 339David Lloyd York 34167View
2 SeptemberSelby66Bishopthorpe 15454View
2 SeptemberSutton Upon Derwent 2Wilberfoss 23870View
9 SeptemberBishopthorpe 1Wilberfoss 25949View
9 SeptemberDavid Lloyd York 3012Selby3573View
9 SeptemberPocklington93Sutton Upon Derwent 26048View
9 SeptemberPoppleton 3Boston Spa 26048View
16 SeptemberSutton Upon Derwent 293Selby6642View

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