Tyke Petroleum York Men's Tennis League

Division 1

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League table

David Lloyd York 11499252086122839131
Wigginton 11487759070143328½111½
Poppleton 1148536596813452498½
York 11474771255174525½83
David Lloyd Harrogate 1147277405514482480
Racquets 1146698434619611570½
Rowntree Park 114659853411075955
Starbeck 1144261,03312798323


Fixtures & results

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DateHome teamResultAway teamGame
29 AprilDavid Lloyd York 193York 16048View
29 AprilPoppleton 193David Lloyd Harrogate 16939View
29 AprilRacquets 1102Rowntree Park 15949View
29 AprilWigginton 1111Starbeck 17929View
6 MayPoppleton 1Racquets 16939View
6 MayStarbeck 157Rowntree Park 15058View
6 MayWigginton 1David Lloyd York 15256View
13 MayRacquets 110½David Lloyd York 12286View
13 MayStarbeck 1012Poppleton 11692View
13 MayYork 1David Lloyd Harrogate 14959View
20 MayDavid Lloyd Harrogate 184Racquets 15949View
20 MayPoppleton 1111York 18028View
3 JuneDavid Lloyd Harrogate 148Wigginton 15355View
3 JuneDavid Lloyd York 1120Starbeck 11026View
3 JuneRacquets 157York 15058View
3 JuneRowntree Park 148Poppleton 15256View
10 JuneRowntree Park 1David Lloyd York 13177View
10 JuneStarbeck 1David Lloyd Harrogate 13573View
10 JuneYork 175Wigginton 15553View
17 JuneDavid Lloyd Harrogate 1102Rowntree Park 17236View
17 JuneDavid Lloyd York 110½Poppleton 17830View
17 JuneWigginton 1111Racquets 16741View
17 JuneYork 111½½Starbeck 18424View
24 JuneDavid Lloyd York 1David Lloyd Harrogate 16444View
24 JunePoppleton 193Wigginton 16642View
24 JuneRacquets 1111Starbeck 17137View
24 JuneRowntree Park 1York 14959View
1 JulyDavid Lloyd Harrogate 1Poppleton 15652View
1 JulyRowntree Park 148Racquets 15256View
1 JulyStarbeck 1012Wigginton 12088View
1 JulyYork 193David Lloyd York 15850View
8 JulyDavid Lloyd Harrogate 1York 13573View
8 JulyDavid Lloyd York 1102Racquets 17434View
8 JulyPoppleton 1120Starbeck 18919View
8 JulyWigginton 1120Rowntree Park 18721View
15 JulyDavid Lloyd York 193Wigginton 15850View
15 JulyRacquets 139David Lloyd Harrogate 14464View
15 JulyRowntree Park 1102Starbeck 17632View
15 JulyYork 184Poppleton 16048View
22 JulyPoppleton 1Rowntree Park 16048View
22 JulyStarbeck 110½David Lloyd York 13375View
22 JulyYork 1111Racquets 17434View
5 AugustRowntree Park 1Wigginton 15157View
19 AugustDavid Lloyd Harrogate 1111Starbeck 17632View
19 AugustDavid Lloyd York 1111Rowntree Park 17335View
19 AugustRacquets 184Poppleton 15850View
19 AugustWigginton 166York 15454View
26 AugustStarbeck 1-6York 1550View
2 SeptemberPoppleton 1David Lloyd York 14860View
2 SeptemberRacquets 1Wigginton 14266View
2 SeptemberRowntree Park 148David Lloyd Harrogate 14068View
9 SeptemberDavid Lloyd Harrogate 110½David Lloyd York 12979View
9 SeptemberStarbeck 1111Racquets 13870View
9 SeptemberWigginton 193Poppleton 16444View
9 SeptemberYork 148Rowntree Park 14761View
30 SeptemberWigginton 19-6David Lloyd Harrogate 1630View

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