Tyke Petroleum York Men's Tennis League - 2019 season

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Division 2

   Player statistics

League table

  Wigginton 21492259078163234½120½
  Boston Spa 11488362975183333117
Fulford 11486260762173833109
David Lloyd York 21485665666184225½100½
Starbeck 11475276048235516½76
Wetherby 1146777925015521263½
Rowntree Park 11468982338167213½59½
Poppleton 2143641,148145107016½

Fixtures & results

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DateHome teamResultAway teamGame
28 AprilFulford 1102Starbeck 16444View
28 AprilPoppleton 2012Wigginton 21593View
28 AprilRowntree Park 1Boston Spa 14662View
28 AprilWetherby 148David Lloyd York 24662View
12 MayBoston Spa 1Wigginton 25157View
12 MayDavid Lloyd York 2Fulford 15256View
12 MayStarbeck 1111Poppleton 28127View
12 MayWetherby 1Rowntree Park 14761View
19 MayBoston Spa 1David Lloyd York 25454View
19 MayFulford 1102Poppleton 28226View
19 MayRowntree Park 1Starbeck 15256View
19 MayWigginton 2102Wetherby 16939View
26 MayPoppleton 2210David Lloyd York 23375View
2 JuneRowntree Park 1Wigginton 24662View
2 JuneStarbeck 148Boston Spa 15058View
2 JuneWetherby 1Fulford 14365View
9 JuneDavid Lloyd York 2120Rowntree Park 18523View
9 JuneFulford 1Boston Spa 14761View
9 JunePoppleton 2111Wetherby 13078View
9 JuneWigginton 2Starbeck 15652View
16 JuneBoston Spa 1111Poppleton 28226View
16 JuneRowntree Park 1111Fulford 13375View
16 JuneStarbeck 1Wetherby 16840View
23 JuneDavid Lloyd York 210½Starbeck 17335View
23 JunePoppleton 239Rowntree Park 12979View
23 JuneWetherby 1Boston Spa 14761View
30 JuneBoston Spa 166Rowntree Park 15454View
30 JuneDavid Lloyd York 2Wetherby 17434View
30 JuneStarbeck 139Fulford 14464View
7 JulyFulford 184David Lloyd York 25949View
7 JulyPoppleton 2012Starbeck 12880View
7 JulyRowntree Park 1½11½Wetherby 14068View
7 JulyWigginton 284Boston Spa 16048View
14 JulyDavid Lloyd York 248Boston Spa 15157View
14 JulyPoppleton 2111Fulford 13672View
14 JulyStarbeck 1Rowntree Park 15355View
14 JulyWetherby 110½Wigginton 24365View
21 JulyBoston Spa 1102Starbeck 17632View
21 JulyDavid Lloyd York 2Poppleton 27335View
21 JulyFulford 1-6Wetherby 1650View
28 JulyWigginton 2120Poppleton 2999View
11 AugustPoppleton 2012Boston Spa 12583View
18 AugustBoston Spa 1102Fulford 16444View
18 AugustRowntree Park 1David Lloyd York 25355View
18 AugustStarbeck 1Wigginton 25652View
18 AugustWetherby 1120Poppleton 29513View
25 AugustWigginton 211½½Rowntree Park 18028View
1 SeptemberDavid Lloyd York 2Wigginton 25454View
1 SeptemberFulford 1Rowntree Park 16543View
1 SeptemberWetherby 1Starbeck 16147View
8 SeptemberBoston Spa 110½Wetherby 17236View
8 SeptemberRowntree Park 1102Poppleton 27632View
8 SeptemberStarbeck 1David Lloyd York 25454View
8 SeptemberWigginton 2102Fulford 16543View
15 SeptemberFulford 1Wigginton 26147View
22 SeptemberWigginton 2David Lloyd York 26345View

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