Tyke Petroleum York Men's Tennis League - 2019 season

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Division 1

   Player statistics

League table

  David Lloyd York 1141,01846981171942140½
Wigginton 11496852574142933123
York 11483268068154327102½
David Lloyd Harrogate 1147547585322512488
Poppleton 1147597536214502184
Copmanthorpe 11460990335167510½53½
Racquets 114594865211779943

Fixtures & results

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DateHome teamResultAway teamGame
28 AprilDavid Lloyd Harrogate 1111Copmanthorpe 17632View
28 AprilDavid Lloyd York 1120Poppleton 19117View
28 AprilSherburn012Wigginton 11989View
5 MayPoppleton 193Copmanthorpe 15949View
5 MayWigginton 1David Lloyd York 14860View
12 MayCopmanthorpe 139David Lloyd York 13870View
12 MayDavid Lloyd Harrogate 1102Sherburn7236View
12 MayPoppleton 1102Racquets 16444View
12 MayWigginton 110½York 17632View
19 MayDavid Lloyd York 112-6Sherburn830View
19 MayRacquets 1½11½Wigginton 12583View
19 MayYork 139David Lloyd Harrogate 14662View
2 JuneCopmanthorpe 175Racquets 15454View
2 JuneDavid Lloyd Harrogate 1111Wigginton 13375View
2 JuneDavid Lloyd York 1York 16048View
2 JuneSherburn39Poppleton 14266View
9 JuneCopmanthorpe 1Sherburn5949View
9 JuneRacquets 1David Lloyd Harrogate 14959View
9 JuneYork 193Poppleton 16444View
16 JuneDavid Lloyd York 110½David Lloyd Harrogate 17929View
16 JunePoppleton 157Wigginton 14761View
16 JuneSherburnRacquets 15454View
16 JuneYork 110½Copmanthorpe 17731View
23 JuneDavid Lloyd Harrogate 18-2Poppleton 16840View
23 JuneRacquets 1012David Lloyd York 12286View
23 JuneSherburnYork 15058View
23 JuneWigginton 110½Copmanthorpe 18523View
30 JuneCopmanthorpe 110½David Lloyd Harrogate 14365View
30 JuneWigginton 112-6Sherburn890View
30 JuneYork 1111Racquets 17731View
7 JulyDavid Lloyd York 110½Copmanthorpe 17632View
7 JulyRacquets 1111Poppleton 14464View
7 JulySherburn10½David Lloyd Harrogate 12781View
7 JulyYork 139Wigginton 14068View
14 JulyCopmanthorpe 139Poppleton 14167View
14 JulyDavid Lloyd Harrogate 110½York 13375View
14 JulySherburn012David Lloyd York 12583View
21 JulyPoppleton 1102Sherburn7632View
21 JulyRacquets 193Copmanthorpe 16345View
21 JulyWigginton 110½David Lloyd Harrogate 17632View
21 JulyYork 139David Lloyd York 14365View
4 AugustPoppleton 148David Lloyd York 15256View
11 AugustWigginton 1111Racquets 18127View
18 AugustDavid Lloyd Harrogate 193Racquets 16543View
18 AugustDavid Lloyd York 1Wigginton 16246View
18 AugustSherburn39Copmanthorpe 15157View
25 AugustPoppleton 148York 15157View
1 SeptemberCopmanthorpe 1111York 13276View
1 SeptemberDavid Lloyd Harrogate 1111David Lloyd York 13177View
1 SeptemberRacquets 1-6Sherburn550View
1 SeptemberWigginton 184Poppleton 15652View
8 SeptemberCopmanthorpe 193Wigginton 17335View
8 SeptemberDavid Lloyd York 1102Racquets 17038View
8 SeptemberPoppleton 184David Lloyd Harrogate 16048View
8 SeptemberYork 1111Sherburn7632View
22 SeptemberRacquets 139York 14563View

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