Tyke Petroleum York Men's Tennis League - 2018 season

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Division 2

   Player statistics

League table

Copmanthorpe 11488462871134236113½
Fulford 11489262071262928½112½
David Lloyd York 21476175158194919½87
Wetherby 1147008124321621871½
Poppleton 2147137994616641569
Sutton Upon Derwent 114652860371970652½
Dunnington 114572940338851249


Fixtures & results

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DateHome teamResultAway teamGame
29 AprilCopmanthorpe 1Sutton Upon Derwent 15949View
29 AprilDunnington 1David Lloyd York 25652View
29 AprilFulford 1Poppleton 25949View
29 AprilWetherby 193Sherburn5949View
13 MayCopmanthorpe 166Fulford 15553View
13 MayDavid Lloyd York 2102Wetherby 16642View
13 MayPoppleton 248Dunnington 15256View
20 MayDavid Lloyd York 2Copmanthorpe 15157View
20 MayFulford 1Sherburn5058View
20 MaySutton Upon Derwent 139Poppleton 24860View
20 MayWetherby 1Dunnington 16939View
27 MayPoppleton 210½David Lloyd York 27335View
27 MaySherburn84Sutton Upon Derwent 17236View
3 JuneDunnington 1111Fulford 13375View
3 JuneSherburn102Copmanthorpe 17137View
3 JuneSutton Upon Derwent 1210David Lloyd York 24860View
10 JuneCopmanthorpe 193Poppleton 26444View
10 JuneDavid Lloyd York 2Sherburn4959View
10 JuneDunnington 1Sutton Upon Derwent 16642View
10 JuneWetherby 1Fulford 14266View
17 JuneCopmanthorpe 1102Dunnington 16840View
17 JuneFulford 166David Lloyd York 25454View
17 JunePoppleton 239Sherburn4860View
17 JuneSutton Upon Derwent 139Wetherby 14266View
24 JuneFulford 111½½Sutton Upon Derwent 18226View
24 JuneSherburn57Dunnington 15058View
24 JuneWetherby 1210Copmanthorpe 13375View
1 JulyDavid Lloyd York 2Dunnington 16642View
1 JulyPoppleton 210½Fulford 13969View
1 JulySutton Upon Derwent 148Copmanthorpe 14563View
8 JulyDunnington 1Poppleton 23969View
8 JulyFulford 110½Copmanthorpe 16939View
8 JulySutton Upon Derwent 1Sherburn4365View
8 JulyWetherby 1David Lloyd York 26147View
15 JulyCopmanthorpe 1David Lloyd York 26543View
15 JulyDunnington 139Wetherby 14563View
15 JulySherburn102Fulford 16444View
22 JulyCopmanthorpe 1Sherburn6741View
22 JulyDavid Lloyd York 210½Sutton Upon Derwent 16543View
22 JulyFulford 1111Dunnington 18424View
22 JulyWetherby 1Poppleton 24761View
12 AugustPoppleton 2210Sutton Upon Derwent 14464View
19 AugustFulford 1Wetherby 16147View
19 AugustPoppleton 2½11½Copmanthorpe 12385View
19 AugustSherburnDavid Lloyd York 26741View
19 AugustSutton Upon Derwent 1120Dunnington 19018View
2 SeptemberDavid Lloyd York 2Fulford 16444View
2 SeptemberDunnington 110½Copmanthorpe 13276View
2 SeptemberSherburn102Poppleton 26642View
2 SeptemberWetherby 1Sutton Upon Derwent 15850View
9 SeptemberCopmanthorpe 1111Wetherby 17434View
9 SeptemberDavid Lloyd York 293Poppleton 26840View
9 SeptemberDunnington 1012Sherburn2484View
9 SeptemberSutton Upon Derwent 1½11½Fulford 12682View
16 SeptemberPoppleton 2102Wetherby 16939View
23 SeptemberSherburnWetherby 16840View

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